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People DO change



Do people change?

Do people really change?


They do.


Harsh. But they do. I do. You do. All of us do. * sighs *


We don’t realize why and how we change, though. Sometimes we don’t realize it until other people tell us.


I realize it. Now.


I did have great friends in the past. We did things that we thought really mattered at those times. Not as crazy things as I expected, though..but It DID mean a lot for us.


Looking back at those times…


Well…seems like, what we did in the past..things we did in the past are not that important anymore when I look at it now. The things that I’ve been through. The many people who come and go in my life. The different surrounding I am in.


They make me change. I guess it’s all crap when people think that they don’t change.


But one thing I hope for sure..


Whatever changes I made for my life..I want it for my own better me. * grins *


About apensiveonmyown

I'm thoughtful, sensitive, forgetful, and sometimes absent-minded.. That's me!! A complete package of imperfectness...;-p

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