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A Mother Wannabe

I’m wondering how it is like to be a mother


” It’s really wonderful ” a friend of mine said.

” first you feel blessed to have them then you feel worried because they busy walk here and there then there are mixed feeling among happiness,surprise,thankfulness and annoyance, though you don’t feel the last quite often ” uttered another friend of mine.

I think I believe in what they have said.

I do think that being a mother is a real joy, no other feeling than just a simple, but meaningful joy.

I want to be a mother. I wanna hold my kids tightly in my chest. I wanna feel happy, surprised, thankful, and sometimes annoyed by them. 

I want to feel wonderful xD



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I'm thoughtful, sensitive, forgetful, and sometimes absent-minded.. That's me!! A complete package of imperfectness...;-p

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