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Weekly Photo Challenge : Today

I rushed out of my room once I learned about this photo challenge. This is my choice. My favorite spot of all. I haven’t taken any pictures of it yet, just because I thought it will be there…as long as I live here or not live here anymore..hehe..

The reason why this cemetery, is very simple..we’ll die one day, and when we die, that is where we will be, under the ground, covered by soil..rotten..

Anyhow, I took the pictures in a daylight,’s much less


it’s just accross from our house 🙂


-the orange cars are one of our public transportations, we call it “Angkot”, seems like the drivers are having a rest ;-p-



the view from the right side, the street is so quiet, the usual view on Sunday afternoon..;-p


Well that’s it =D *don’t mind our cooking*









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I'm thoughtful, sensitive, forgetful, and sometimes absent-minded.. That's me!! A complete package of imperfectness...;-p

7 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge : Today

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  3. eof737

    Excellent photos… enjoying traveling from my armchair to visit blog form around the world! 😉

  4. I like the first picture.. seems that a lot of friends there… 😆

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