Bagi saya, laki-laki terhormat itu adalah laki-laki yang menjunjung tinggi lembaga pernikahan, salah satunya contohnya adalah dengan tidak bepergian dengan perempuan yang bukan istri ataupun kerabatnya tanpa alasan yang benar, seperti alasan pekerjaan, misalnya.

Bagi saya, laki…


December 19th, 2006

One of my dearest best friends.

My first acquintance with her was in 1989, first grade of Junior High School. Her classroom was next to my classroom. I was in 1D, she was in 1E. She didn’t give me enough impression, though. She was loud. In a real meaning..LOUD. She likes talking and laughing. Cheerful. Lots of friends. On the contrary with me. I decided not to like her at the first time.

I don’t remember when she suddenly became my friend. Ah….I remember…on the second grade, she became my classmate..and we became friends..just like that.

We enjoyed our time together. We laughed, we talked, we shared..I remember when she had a hard time with her family…I was the only one she confided in..I felt very sorry for her. Actually, it’s rather coincidence for both of us, because somehow..she’s just like me..she was raised by her uncle and aunt, she is the third child in her family, and she has a little brother, just like me. Well actually, those are only our similarities.. She’s more beautiful than me(of course..I think she has Arab blood, you know..almond shaped eyes..pointed nose..and fair skin, even my little brother fell in love with her at the first sight..whoaaa…!!)

Her full name is actually Nur Handayani, but she hated to be called Nur, let alone Handayani…”just call me Jeannie..cause that’s my name” Uh..fine..

I still remember when we did things together..I always came to her house, she never came to my house, because her aunt (she calls her ‘mama’) never allowed her to go anywhere after school, soo…I went to her house instead..we had a great time together…We laughed together..even we cried together..and most importantly..she always helped me with my math homeworks..(I could never compared to her in math ;p)

We were separated when we finished Junior High School. She went to SMA 1, I went to SMA 6..quite a distance..but although we were separated we still kept in touch..This time, she was the one who sometimes came up at my door. I witnessed her struggle when she was wearing JILBAB at the first time. I heard her story about her “relationship” with someone..nothing happened at last..

When we finished Senior High School, we went to the same University in Semarang…She went to English Department (DIII), and I went to Indonesian Literature. We started to lose contact. She had her own friends, I had my own. I still saw her sometimes with her friends..but in my heart, I believe that we still have a strong bond. We had been through many things..

The last time I saw her was in 2000 or.. 2001 I forgot..The time when she got married. When I approached her to congratulate her, I protested, because she didn’t tell me about that earlier. She promised me to call me to tell the whole story. She didn’t do that. The last time I heard her news was..after her marriage she moved to east Java. I don’t know where. Probably she already had several children by now. I don’t know for sure.

Her old house is still there. Once I passed her house, and wondered..who are living in that house now..since I heard that her aunt and uncle had passed away. And I was wondering, where is she now?

She is my first best friend.

(note: I finally met her again in 2010. She DOES lives in East Java, and she owns three boys now 🙂 )