Buh-Bye Books


My greatest passion of all.

There was no day passed without books in my hands.

There was no month passed without buying one or two books.

Fantasy. Children books. Islamic books. Novels. Romance. Indonesian. English.

All in one package.


Those are some of the books I used to posses.

Used to?


Now they’re gone. For the sake of practicality.

It’s OK though.

No regret.

They have to go when they have to go.

Buh-bye booksie! 

Hope they can be beneficial in their new owner’s hands.




Your Former Owner


A Mother Wannabe

I’m wondering how it is like to be a mother


” It’s really wonderful ” a friend of mine said.

” first you feel blessed to have them then you feel worried because they busy walk here and there then there are mixed feeling among happiness,surprise,thankfulness and annoyance, though you don’t feel the last quite often ” uttered another friend of mine.

I think I believe in what they have said.

I do think that being a mother is a real joy, no other feeling than just a simple, but meaningful joy.

I want to be a mother. I wanna hold my kids tightly in my chest. I wanna feel happy, surprised, thankful, and sometimes annoyed by them. 

I want to feel wonderful xD


On Being Human


Just recently, I realized that I’m more sensitive than what I look from the outside. Small things can easily make me shed my tears. I remember one saying that ” crying is okay” that shedding tears is a part of being human..


Now that I shed my tears quite easily, does it mean that I’m way more sensitive? 🙂


Demoralization vs. Burnout

Classroom as Microcosm

Are you burnt out?  Or are you demoralized?

A recent article (passed on to me by a colleague) fits nicely with my series on teacher burnout that wrapped up last week:  sometimes what we call burnout is actually demoralization. The difference is in the cause.

I have been lucky enough to work mostly in contexts that value and support good teaching and effective learning.  Recently, though, there have been some administrative developments  at our college that prioritize bean-counting over student achievement and teacher sanity.  So far, resistance has been strong, and no sweeping changes have been made, but it is possible that, within a year or so,  we will be inundated with a lot of time-consuming paperwork in a perhaps futile attempt to keep our remedial English classes to a manageable size.  If this happens, I can foresee serious consequences for our morale.  And even now, before any concrete…

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Wake, Woke, Awake, Awoken

The Daily Post

A reader responded to my post about irregular verbs last week to express confusion about when to use “awake” and when to use “wake” (and their various past-tense forms). Well, she’s not alone. I’ve done some dictionary diving and was daunted by the prospect of explaining it all, as to give a proper explanation, you have to go into word origins, transitive and intransitive verb distinctions, and probably other things, none of which I quite had the heart to write about at length today.

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Even Garner, whom I cite near-weekly, acknowledges that these verbs are tricky, especially the past-tense forms.

Luckily, Maeve Maddox, of the Daily Writing Tips blog, has done a bunch…

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People DO change



Do people change?

Do people really change?


They do.


Harsh. But they do. I do. You do. All of us do. * sighs *


We don’t realize why and how we change, though. Sometimes we don’t realize it until other people tell us.


I realize it. Now.


I did have great friends in the past. We did things that we thought really mattered at those times. Not as crazy things as I expected, though..but It DID mean a lot for us.


Looking back at those times…


Well…seems like, what we did in the past..things we did in the past are not that important anymore when I look at it now. The things that I’ve been through. The many people who come and go in my life. The different surrounding I am in.


They make me change. I guess it’s all crap when people think that they don’t change.


But one thing I hope for sure..


Whatever changes I made for my life..I want it for my own better me. * grins *

My Man. You

My man. You.

As humble as you are.

As understanding as you are.

As patient as you are.

As decisive as you are.

My man. You.

As loving as you are.

As affectionate as you are.

As passionate as you are.

As gentle as you are.

My man. You.

The one who will guide me.

The one who will lead me. to the right path.

The one who will remind me when I slip to the wrong path.

The one who will build me a beautiful house in heaven.

For both of us. and our offspring.

My man. You.

As humble as you are.

As passionate as you are.

Yes. It’s you. :-))Image